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Three Reasons to Trust Professional Movers with Your Military Relocation


Moving as a member of the military adds yet another layer of conditions on how and when a move may take place.

If you are moving in the military, you understand that relocation isn't as simple as packing belongings and getting them to your new location. There are a slew of other considerations which can complicate things. This is why using a professional mover can improve the moving process and reduce headaches. Here are three reasons to trust professionals movers with your military move:

1. They Understand the PCS Process

PCS, or permanent change of station, is the military term for “moving.” When you receive your PCS orders, you have three options to begin moving. First, you may hire a private company to do the move. Second, you can have the US military handle the move for you. Lastly, you can use a combination of the first two options. Professional movers understand these options and can help you choose the most efficient option for you.

2. They Understand the Reimbursement Process

If you choose to hire a private moving company to handle your move, you receive a reimbursement payment from the US military. Unfortunately, the amount depends on a complex series of formulas and rules. If you’re not careful, you will not receive full reimbursement for the cost of your move. A professional moving company is aware of these constraints and can make sure your move is within budget.

3. Avoid the Red Tape

If you'd like to use the US military to handle your move, it could be the best option for you and your family. But as you already know, the military isn't the most efficient organization when it comes to paperwork. Getting 30,000 troops with full logistical support halfway across the world in 36 hours? Not a problem. Process your forms within a few days? It's a crapshoot. Therefore, let a company that specializes in moving personal belongings handle your move for you.

Service members such as yourself make tremendous sacrifices for this country. The least you deserve is help so your next move is as seamless as possible. Nilson Van is your best option for your next military move; Contact us today.

Four Things That Customs May Seize When Moving Abroad


When planning out an international move, you should be aware that customs may hold and destroy some belongings you wish to take with you.

An international move brings with it the added complication of dealing with another set of laws regarding importation of certain items. Exactly what may cross the border will depend on the specific country’s laws. Below is a list of items that a country's customs agents might not allow you to bring during your move:


The United States is unique in that firearms are widely held by private citizens. In most other countries, private citizens may not own firearms, and if they can, there are heavy restrictions on what they can have. So if you’re trying to bring your guns and ammunition to your new country, there’s a good chance you can’t. At the very least, you’ll probably need to go through special paperwork to get them through customs.

Pornographic Materials

Even in the United States, with some of the most liberal free speech and press laws in the history of the world, adult materials are subject to restrictions on who sells them and who may possess them. It's no surprise that many countries go further and prohibit their possession by anyone within their borders.

Alcohol and Narcotics

These are subject to heavy regulation in the United States and the vast majority of other countries (assuming they're not illegal). As a result, if you want to consume any of these, even for a valid medical reason, you may need to follow your new country's specific rules regarding their use. This usually includes not being able to import them during your move.

Agricultural Products

Bringing non-native plants and animals, including seeds, is usually a no-no. Newly introduced plants and animals can wreak havoc on an ecosystem that is unfamiliar with them.

Moving internationally isn’t easy, and it comes with risks of losing your belonging due to actions by customs officials. To help reduce this risk, contact our professional moving team at Nilson Van for your next move.

Three Helpful Pointers for Moving Long Distances with Pets


Moving with your pet long distances isn’t so bad if you follow a few helpful pointers to keep them safe and sound.

Not every pet owner will know the best helpful pointers for moving with pets a long distance. That is why we have compiled some helpful tips from our moving experts below. If you follow these tips and plan the trip well in advance, you should expect an uneventful long distance trip with your pet.

Tip #1: Get Current with All Vaccinations

Depending on where you're moving to, there could easily be legal requirements concerning the medical condition of your cat or dog. One notable example is with vaccinations, such as rabies. Before you make the long distance move, make sure your pet has all relevant vaccinations for the new locale.

Tip #2: Make Arrangements to Meet Your Pet’s Need During the Trip

For a long distance trip, you'll have to consider your pet's basic needs, such as food, water, stimulation and relieving itself. The exact method will depend on your pet's mode of transportation, although there will be some similarities regardless of transportation method. For example, you'll want to give your pet something familiar during the trip to help calm them down. A favorite toy, food or blankets are good examples.

Tip #3: Prepare Your Pet’s New Home

This not only applies to your ultimate destination but to temporary stops as well. Whether it's a rest stop or pet-friendly hotel, try to make things as familiar as possible for your pet. For instance, trying a new type of food is probably not the best thing to do during the trip. Also, give your pet time to become familiar with its new surroundings. Your pet may not eat, drink or sleep until it feels safe. If you can't make your pet feel safe during a temporary stop, you and your pet will probably have a very unpleasant trip.

Taking note of these pointers for moving with pets helps to make a move go as easily as possible. You should take into account these special considerations, because traveling with a pet adds a new and often unfamiliar element to a long distance move. Whatever your moving challenges might be, our team at Nilson Van is here to help so get in touch with us before your next move.

Three Reasons to Hire Professional Packers for Your International Move


Hiring professional packers for your international move can make things go a lot smoother.

Take the worry out of the equation by hiring professional packers for your international move. You can take advantage of their decades of experience, skills and knowledge to make a move across international borders as smooth as possible. Here are three reasons to hire professional packers for your international move:

1. Professional Movers Can Protect Valuables

Depending on where you're moving to, there's a good chance your personal belongings will travel as cargo freight. This means there is the potential for rough handling, especially when traveling by sea. As professional movers, Nilson understands this risk and knows how to pack your belonging properly to make sure they reach their destination in the same condition that they left your home or business.

2. Getting Through Customs

What might be legal in the United States may not be so in your new home country. Or maybe it is legal but is subject to special rules or regulations when transporting it into the country. Whatever the situation, professional moving companies can advise you on what you need to know to make sure your items get through customs. If there’s an item you need to move that requires a special form to fill out or a particular method of transport, make sure you comply with the relevant procedures.

3. Peace of Mind

One of the reasons for stress during a move is the uncertainty of it. Will everything get to where it needs to be without breaking? Will my personal belongings arrive on time? Will the customs process go smoothly? No moving company, including Nilson, can guarantee the answers to these questions are all "yes." However, they can do everything that is realistically possible to achieve a "yes" answer to those questions. So when you hire professional movers, you can have the peace of mind that you're doing everything you can to make the moving process as smooth and easy as possible.

To learn additional reasons to hire professional packers for your international move, get in touch with our team at Nilson Van at your earliest convenience.

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