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Key Benefits of Moving in the Spring


If you’re planning a move this spring, you may or may not know that you’ve picked the best season to relocate. Here are some of the key benefits of moving in the spring.

The Weather is Usually Good

Spring weather is ideal for moving. Unlike the scorching days of summer or the cold, blustery days of fall and winter, spring is generally mild. This makes for perfect moving weather. You might experience some rain, but spring moving usually means no weather delays or dangerous travel.

Beat the Summer Prices

The majority of moves take place during the summer months. This is peak season for people moving as well as for moving companies, which is why summer is when moving prices are the highest. You can beat rising moving costs by doing yours during the spring. Not only that, but you’ll also have greater access to the move schedule you want because moving companies have greater availability in the spring months.

Get Spring Cleaning and Moving Done at the Same Time

Moving means cleaning out cupboards, closets, dressers, and basements. So does spring cleaning. When you move in the spring, you can get both done in one fell swoop. Moving in the spring also means you’ll be ready to relax when summertime rolls around.

Are you planning a move to a new home? Spring is the best time of year for a relocation. From mild weather to flexible scheduling with a moving company, you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck by getting out of your old home and into your new before summer. When you’re ready to schedule your spring move, contact the team of moving professionals at Nilson Van and Storage today.

4 Tips to Make Your Office Relocation Go Smoothly


Worried about planning your office relocation? We’ve got the info you need to bring your stress level down.

You don’t have to lose sleep over your office relocation. We have some great tips to make it go smoothly. Take a look at our four favorites.

#1: Plan Ahead

The sooner you can start planning your office move, the better. You’ll feel more organized, less stressed, and you’ll be able to book your commercial movers when you want them, instead of when they’re available.

#2: Get it On the Calendar

It’s critical to book your moving company as soon as you can. Not only will it ensure you get to use your company of choice, but it will allow ample time for them to help you through the process.

#3: Set a Budget

You must set a budget and stick to it. A reliable moving company can give you an accurate quote for your move, which will provide you with a guide for spending. Sticking to the budget can help reduce your stress and the stress on your company’s bottom line.

#4: Make Plans for Your Technology

Make sure you include your IT department in your move logistics and planning. You want to be up and running as soon as you hit the floor at your new location. Including IT in the planning can reduce your downtime and keep your business humming along with only minor delays during your move.

If a move to a new location is in your company’s future, don’t panic. With foresight, careful planning, and the right team of professionals in your corner, it can be smooth sailing. Office moves are more complex than residential moves, but at Nilson Van and Storage, we’ve got you covered. We have years of experience with office relocation and can get your business from one location to another without a hitch. Contact us today to schedule your free assessment and quote.

3 Things You Need to Know About Warehouse Moves


A warehouse move is no small feat, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Use these tips to help get you through it without a glitch.

If your business is warehousing and your growth means it’s time for a move to a bigger location, don’t panic. Warehouse moves can be daunting, but we’ve got some tips that can help make it smooth sailing. Take a look at three things you need to know about warehouse moves.

#1: Find the Right Moving Company

The moving company you choose can make or break your warehouse relocation. Choose one with plenty of experience with commercial moves and logistics, including warehouse moves. Get referrals from other industry professionals, check reviews online, and make sure you spend some time talking to them about their process. Make sure it’s a good fit for your business.

#2: Get Organized

Knowing your inventory, what your numbers are, and the weight of what you want to move will help in the process. Since most moving companies charge by weight, any excess inventory or overstock you can sell or get rid of before the move will save you on the overall cost.

#3: Get Your Employees on Board

Your employees can be a huge help during a warehouse move. Get them involved by assigning tasks, delegating jobs, and having them help with packing. The more hands on deck, the better.

If your business is moving its warehouse to a new location, it can seem overwhelming. At Nilson Van and Storage, we have the experienced team you need to make it go off without a hitch. Contact us today for a free estimate and help with logistics for your warehouse move.

The Surprising Complexities of Commercial Moves


Commercial moves are a whole different animal than residential moves. We have the insight into the logistics behind them.

Is your company gearing up for a commercial move to a new location? Before you get started on the planning process, you should understand the complexities involved in moving a business. It helps to know what’s involved before you jump in. We’ll break it down for you.

Understanding the Timeline

Businesses have to stay open, even during a move. To reduce the downtime and any potential drop in productivity, it’s important to understand the process and what steps to take first.

  1. Have a professional moving company assess your business, the space you’re moving from, and the space you’re moving to. They can evaluate everything that needs moving from one location to the other to build an accurate quote.
  2. Set your moving date. Having a date for your move can help you build a timeline and allow you to book your moving company.
  3. Get your employees on board. Notify them of the move, the dates, and the timeline. This will give them time to prepare themselves and their work schedules for any delays or downtime.
  4. Begin packing personal items and prepare everything else for the moving company to pack and prep.

Keep Your Electronics and Equipment in Mind

Allow the professionals to pack and move any electronics, computer equipment, and other technology to ensure it stays in order and arrives in one piece.

Installations at Your Destination

Your moving company can help with any installations not handled by your facilities or IT personnel at your new location.

When your business is on the move, you want to reduce downtime and get to your new location as efficiently as possible. We can help. The commercial moves team at Nilson Van and Storage has years of experience moving all types of businesses. Give us a call early in the planning stages and we can help you every step of the way.

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