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Three Reasons to Hire Professional Packers for Your Next Move


Professional packers provide a convenient way to move that will help you sleep at night.

There’s a reason professional packers get paid for packing and moving items – it’s because they’re good at it and know what they’re doing. But like many other individuals who are very good at something, they won't do it for free. In fact, it may seem like it's not worth the money for hiring a moving company to help you on your next move. But nothing could be further from the truth! Here are a few reasons why.

Reason #1: Movers Help Save Time

Packing a box or moving personal belongings from an office or home is relatively straightforward. But can the average person do it as quickly and efficiently as a professional packer? Probably not. A good parallel is professional cooks and chefs. Many individuals who cook as a hobby can probably prepare a meal that is comparable in quality, presentation and taste as an executive chef at an exclusive restaurant. But how long would take it take the person who cooks for a hobby to prepare a top-notch dish? Probably an entire day (or more) filled with practice, trial and error. And how long does the professional chef take to make the same dish? Under 30 minutes of actual work.

Reason #2: Packers Make Breakage Less Likely

Not only are they fast, but they know how to pack to create the smallest risk of breakage. Professional movers and packers understand how to stack and place boxes in a moving truck. They know which packing materials or items don't stand up well to shock and crushing forces. They know when extra packing material and protection is necessary and when it's not.

Reason #3: They Provide Peace of Mind

Even if you could pack as safely and quickly as a professional, there's a good chance you will still have a lot of worry about whether you packed everything correctly. Even if you did, if something were to break or go wrong, the buck stops with you. There's no one else to blame or compensate you for the loss. With a professional moving company, they have basic insurance to protect against loss or breakage and can help you find additional insurance toy compensate you if something breaks during the move. This is peace of mind that only professionals can provide.

If you are on the fence about handling a move yourself or hiring professional packers, contact our team at Nilson Van and Storage to discuss some other advantages you receive when you hire a skilled and experienced moving company.

Two Tips for Moving Out of State


Moving out of state should be a straightforward process, but there are a few things to be aware of before the move.

The decision to move out of state can be a big one, with the potential for unpleasant surprises and high costs. But by following the below tips, you can make the process uneventful, or at least as smooth as possible.

Identify Any Items Subject to Different State Law

When it comes to the regulation of what an individual can possess or own, most laws are going to be the same, no matter what state you're in. Prescription drugs are a good example. But other items, such as alcohol and firearms, may be subject to different rules and regulations depending on the state or municipality.

In some states, owning a pistol is legal, but only after registering it with the proper government agency or department. In others, a pistol has the same laws applied to it as any other legal firearms under federal law.

Then there are transportation rules. Using firearms as an example, some states have rules on how an individual can carry or store a gun in a car. What might be legal in one state might be illegal in another. Should someone moving get stopped by police while improperly transporting a gun, serious legal problems could exist.

Plan Well Ahead

Any move requires planning. The earlier you can plan the move, the more smoothly it can go. By thinking about what needs moving and how it can get to its new destination, any potential problems might be avoidable or at least reduced in their significance.

Planning ahead also makes it easier to budget for the cost of the move. That means creating a moving cash fund ahead of time to avoid unexpected bills or the buildup of unnecessary debt.

Choosing to move out of state can be an exciting and stressful time, given the amount of planning involved. Using a moving company, such as Nilson Van and Storage, can make the move much easier. Get in touch with our team to get the help you need.

Two Questions to Ask the Moving Company Before Your Military Relocation


Handling a military relocation can be a bit easier by choosing the right moving company.

During a military relocation, you may choose to hire a moving company to help you change homes. But before you choose a moving company and before the actual move takes place, you need to ask the company the following questions to ensure the trip goes as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

What Is the Company’s Familiarity with PCS Orders?

A PCS (permanent change of station) order is a notification that tells military personnel about their next move to another duty station, such as a military base. There are a variety of different types of PCS orders. They each have their own policies and procedures that a service member must follow.

Some of these policies concern how much the United States government will reimburse the service member for the cost of the move. The exact amount allowed for moving reimbursement depends on the service member's rank and family situation. These limitations aren't always easy to understand.

The last thing a service member wants to do is hire a moving company to move a certain amount of stuff, only to find out only a small portion of the moving company's bill is reimbursable. Finding a moving company with experience with military moves and PCS orders can help avoid this unfortunate situation.

Is the Moving Company Connected to the Transportation Management Office?

For military members who decide to have a relocation company help them with the move, things can go a lot easier by having a company that already has a working relationship with the Transportation Management Office, or TMO. This can make getting reimbursed for moving expenses much simpler.

Not only will the moving and reimbursement process go more smoothly, but it can reduce some of the worries about reimbursement because service members know this is a company that is familiar with the military moving process. It also helps ensure the moving company will do a good job moving personal belongings.

If you’re facing a pending military relocation, contact our expert team at Nilson Van and Storage to handle your moving needs.

How Far in Advance Should You Start Planning a Residential Move?

storage space

Planning a residential move far enough in advance will ensure the move goes well.

To complete a residential move, you must make plans in advance. But how far in advance should you start planning? That depends on a lot of variables, as well as how much money you are willing to spend. The following is a discussion of things to consider when deciding how far in advance to plan a move.

Identify the Reason for the Move

The first thing you need to do is identify the reason for the move. This can include anything such as a new job, attending a new school or when your current living arrangements end. This is the most important thing to do because depending on how far out this consideration is, you may have to start planning the move immediately.

Figure Out Your Financial Budget

The easiest way to handle a move is to hire a moving company. Some moving companies will handle almost everything for you where you don't need to do anything besides tell them where the items need to go in the new residence. But these moving arrangements tend to be the most expensive. If you have the financial resources to hire this type of moving service, just find one of these companies as soon as you can and they will take care of everything, including the timeline for the move.

If you don’t have the budget to hire this type of moving company, you may need to handle the move yourself or hire a company that will transport your belongings from the old home to the new place. Either way, you'll need to estimate how much time you need to do the packing yourself. If you're handling the entire move yourself, you'll need to calculate the time it will take to transport the belongings. This could be a few hours to several days, depending on how far the move is.

Add Up the Time

Once you know the reason for the move, how much money you have to pay for it and the time it will take to complete the tasks you will do yourself, you can then add up the time and figure out how long the move will actually take. This will be the minimum amount of time in advance you must start planning your move. Most likely, you’ll need to add at least a few days to a few weeks to this time to find the date for which you start planning your move.

A residential move can be a daunting and intimidating task. Take away some of the guesswork and worry by contacting our moving experts at Nilson Van and Storage for your next residential move.

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