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The Ultimate Moving Out-of-State Checklist

hidden costs

Moving out-of-state brings with it unique challenges. Here’s the only checklist you need to help you through the process of a long-distance move.

Any move is a big deal, but a long distance move…? That’s the kind of move for which you must get organized and ready to tackle in advance. If you’ve been reading up on the topic, you’ve likely found all kinds of advice articles, suggestions and checklists to guide you through this major moving experience.

Here’s the ultimate moving out-of-state checklist to keep you on-task with the most important step for you upcoming move. You may be surprised to find there is one—yes, just one—task you absolutely must have as part of your ultimate to-do list. Ready for it?

*Drumroll Please*

#1: Hire a Moving Company

While you may be able to keep your stuff together and your sanity intact for a move across the state, going through an out-of-state move is a totally different ballgame. This is not a time to suck it up and do it yourself. Rather, this situation calls for the kind of planning, organization and expertise you can only get through a professional moving company.

You will find that you will save oodles of time and likely even money because professional movers know exactly what needs to take place and in what order it should happen. When hiring a company, check their references and customer testimonials to ensure they have extensive experience in out-of-state moves. Once you have the right company in place, you will be amazed by how much easier the entire process goes for you.

#2: Choose the Ultimate Moving Company for Your Out-of-State Move

At Nilson Van & Storage, we are experts in the long distance move and can’t wait to put our expertise to work for you. Forget the checklists with thirty detailed tasks to complete. Save yourself time, money, and headaches and contact our team at Nilson Van today.

2 Time and Sanity-Saving Moving Tips

hidden costs

Oh the stress of a residential move! Make it a little easier on yourself with these sanity-saving tips.

If you are getting ready for a residential move in 2019, you may be feeling just a little stressed. There’s so much to think about and do that it can be difficult to know where to begin. When you are feeling short on time, it becomes even more overwhelming.

Our team of moving experts at Nilson Van & Storge has you covered. Take a look at two of our best time- and sanity-saving moving tips:

Tip #1: Thin Out Your Stuff

Recycle. Donate. Trash. Those are three words you need to keep in mind early in the moving process. The idea is to significantly pair down your belongings, so you have less to move. A popular decluttering expert suggests to hold something in your hand, and if it doesn’t bring you joy—toss it! This may be a good simplification strategy. Whatever method you choose to get rid of stuff, understand that the less you have to move, the quicker the entire process will go for you.

Tip #2: Streamline the Packing Process

Create a packing plan and stick to it! Winging it when it comes to packing is a recipe for extreme frustration, not to mention a big time-waster. One smart way to get organized is to develop a color coding system for your boxes and living spaces, including a floor plan for where the boxes will go at your new place. Assign each space a color, mark the boxes with a magic maker, and you will save time figuring out where everything will need to go.

Hire a Pro Moving Team—Your #1 Sanity-Saver

The ultimate way to save time, money and your sanity is by hiring the professional moving team at Nilson Van & Storage. We know all the top tips and tricks to streamline your move. You can carry on with other important tasks in your life and let us handle the move for you. It doesn’t get any easier than that! Connect with us online now for a residential move quote.

3 Hidden Moving Costs Everyone Should Consider

hidden costs

Developing and adhering to a moving budget is a smart way to manage the costs of moving, but what about those hidden costs? It’s the unexpected and last minute costs that tend to drain your bank account (and/or savings) and leave you feeling frazzled. Here are some of the potential hidden costs to consider as you plan out your moving budget:

1. Insurance for the Move

If you use a professional moving company, they will provide the insurance coverage for you; however, the standard rate typically isn’t enough to cover replacement of many items. Additional coverage is often necessary for valuable and delicate items.

2. Cost of Cleaning and Fixing Up Your Former Home

Whether you are selling or renting out your old home, repairing and cleaning it will be tasks to make sure are on your to-do list and included in your budget. You may be handling the tasks on your own or planning to hire them out—either way, there will be expenses to build into your moving costs.

3. Cost of Travel

Your boxes aren’t the only items moving to your new place—so are you, your family members and any automobiles you have. You may need to pay for tune-ups and or repairs for your vehicles before you leave, and you will definitely need to pay for plenty of gas to get you there. If the distance long, you may need plane tickets and/or hotel stays as well.

If you want to get an accurate picture of what to expect for the costs of moving, including the hidden expenses, contact our team at Nilson Van & Storage now. We will help you to get ready for you move and provide professional moving advice and assistance when you need it most. Connect with us online now.

3 Tips for Moving with Cats

moving with cats

Moving with pets brings with it a set of challenges above and beyond the normal tasks of a residential move. Moving with cats? Well, that’s in a category all its own! Anyone who has cats in his or her life knows that the idea of moving and disturbing the peace and routine for a cat can be a recipe for a super stressful time.

Check out these three tips for moving with cats to bring the stress level down for both you and your feline:

Tip #1: Prepare Your Cat for Moving Day

You can begin to familiarize your cat with the idea of moving and having some disruption in their environment and schedule. Doing this in advance can minimize stress when it is go time. For example:

  • Gradually encourage your cat to spend more and more time in the carrier. If he or she is rarely in the carrier and suddenly has to spend the entire day in one, that’s going to lead to one unhappy cat. By letting your cat check out the carrier a little bit each day (preferably while enjoying a treat), you can help her not to be as irritated.
  • Let your cat play with the moving boxes. Being around them before moving day will help cats not to be so skittish and concerned about the invasion of boxes when it’s time to pack.

#2: Protect the Cat’s Routine

Like a child, maintaining routine for your cat during a move is a smart idea. Routines bring comfort and consistency and will help to counteract any anxiety the cat may be experiencing.

#3: Contain the Cat

On moving day, as you or your movers are loading and unloading the truck, it can be far too easy (and tempting) for the cat to bolt out the door or become injured by heavy boxes. Whether it’s time to put the cat in the carrier with a treat and a toy…or you decide it’s best to put them in a bedroom with the door shut, containment is the most effective way to keep the cat safe and secure.

Need more tips for moving with a cat? Get all the advice you need for moving with pets from our team at Nilson Van & Storage. Call 800-845-2682 or connect with us online now.

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