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Moving During the Holidays - Cheaper or More Expensive?

moving mistakes

Moving during the holidays can make anyone feel a little like the Grinch. But inconvenience aside, your primary concern might be the cost. Is moving in November and December cheaper or more expensive? We’re here to break it down.

Moving During the Holidays

The truth is that moving during the holidays is more expensive than any other time of year. It can also be the most stressful. With holiday shoppers jamming the roads, packing and unpacking around family and holiday events, and worrying about gifts and decorations, it can make you pull your hair out.

Unfortunately, on top of the stress, it’s going to cost you more as well. Moving companies’ rates tend to go up during the holidays to compensate employees for working them. There’s also higher demand for their services since many people often try to move when kids are out of school for holiday breaks.

Moving Around the Holidays

Moving during the winter is typically less expensive than moving during spring, summer, and fall. And most moving companies have significantly more dates available for your move, which helps with planning.

Try to keep your move date as far away from the major holidays as you can to help you take advantage of the winter moving cost savings. If you have to move in November or December, be sure to set a realistic budget and remember to be flexible.

The best way to keep costs low when moving during the holidays is to hire a reliable moving company. They’ll help meet your budget, reduce your stress, and get you to your destination in time for the family parties. Contact Nilson Van and Storage to help with every aspect of your holiday move.

Insider Secrets to a Successful Move in the Winter

moving mistakes

People move in every season, even in the winter. Sometimes a cold-weather move is unavoidable. But just because it’s not hot and sunny out doesn’t mean your move has to be pure drudgery. Take a look at some insider secrets to a successful move in the winter.

Secret #1: Plan for Delays

Weather can impact a move any time of year, but winter has some particular challenges. It can get cold and icy, causing hazardous driving conditions that can delay your moving van. It can also rain, snow, sleet, or otherwise be horrendous outside, slowing down the loading or unloading of your belongings from the moving van.

Secret #2: Plan for Less Daylight

In the winter, it can get dark as early as 4:30 p.m. With less daylight, it’s essential to plan ahead and use those light hours productively. That could mean a one-day move turns into a two-day move, or it could mean working in the dark to get a truck loaded. Being flexible is critical.

Secret #3: Winter is Actually a Great Time to Move

Moving in winter often means reduced rates since moving companies aren’t as busy as in the summer. The slower season also means you’re more likely to be able to book prime moving days and get the exact date you need.

Moving companies have experience handling relocations in every season. If you’re moving soon, contact the team at Nilson Van and Storage and take advantage of their knowledge and expertise with your winter move.

How Do I Know How Large of a Storage Unit I Need?

moving mistakes

Most Americans have a lot of stuff, and a lot of times, that stuff needs to go into a storage unit. When you look at your belongings in your home, it can be hard to figure out how much space you need for it. Take a look at some tips for figuring out how large of a storage unit you need.

Why Size Matters

A storage unit that is too small means belongings crammed in, leaving them vulnerable to breaking. It also makes it difficult, if not impossible, to access what you need when you need it. A storage unit that is too big, on the other hand, is just a waste of money. You want to find a unit that’s just right for your needs.

Size Guide for Your Stuff

Whether you’re putting a few things in storage to get them out of the way or your whole home’s worth of belongings needs storing, this handy guide can help you determine how much space you need:

  • 5’x5’ = a small closet
  • 5’x10’ = a small a walk-in closet
  • 5’x15’ = a large walk-in closet
  • 10’x10’ = an average-sized family room plus boxes or two small bedrooms plus boxes
  • 10’x15 = family room furniture plus three average-sized bedrooms and boxes
  • 10’x20’ = an average two to three-bedroom house including appliances and boxes
  • 10’x25’ = a three-bedroom house including appliances, dining room furniture, TV, couches, mattresses, and boxes
  • 10’x30’ = a three to five-bedroom house including large items like sectionals, appliances, mattress sets, and large boxes

Needing storage for excess items is fairly common. But if you’re moving and you need short-term storage, you need a moving company that can help you with both your relocation and your storage needs. Nilson Van and Storage is your go-to for everything you need for your move. Contact them today to find out more.

3 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make During Your Next Move

moving mistakes

Are you getting ready to move to a new home? If yes, you know that it can be stressful. To cut down on the stress and make things go smoothly, take a look at three mistakes you don’t want to make during your next move.

#1: Don’t Underestimate Your Budget

One mistake that can throw a massive curveball into your move is underestimating your budget. It’s critical to do your research and talk to moving companies, so you have realistic expectations when it comes to setting your budget. This not only includes the movers but also consider gas, mileage, hotel, food, and other expenses that can go along with a relocation.

#2: Give Yourself Enough Prep Time

Packing always takes longer than you think, and you always need more boxes and packing paper than you expect. If you’re packing yourself, give yourself plenty of time to be sure you aren’t scrambling at the last minute, which can lead to improper packing and breakage. If you’re worried about timing and supplies, consider having your moving company do the packing for you.

#3: DIYing Your Move

Moving a household from one place to another is more work than many anticipate, especially as you get older, your family grows, and the number of belongings you have increases. Relying on friends and a rental truck is not only unfair to your friends, but it’s often much more labor and work than you imagine. Instead of risking injury to yourself and damage to your friendships, be practical about the amount of work involved and hire a professional moving company instead.

If you’re prepping for a move, our movers can help it go smoothly and help keep you from making some common moving mistakes. Contact the pros at Nilson Van and Storage for your next move. Social Media Post: Is a move in your future? Here’s what not to do.

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