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The Step-By-Step Commercial Moving Process Guide

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The commercial moving process is like a finely tuned machine when done correctly.

If you own a business and are gearing up for a move, it’s time to take a look at the commercial moving process. You don’t want to go into it blind and get sucked into a vortex of chaos. Preparation is key! With that in mind, take a look at this helpful step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Create a Plan

At least six months in advance, if possible, create a move plan. Determine who will lead and manage the process, make a list of essential preparation steps, and a list of what needs doing when and by whom.

Step 2: Contact a Moving Company

Reach out to a reliable local commercial moving company like Nilson Van and Storage for an estimate. They can also help you create a timeline and plan and schedule the move.

Step 3: Pack and Prep

Take advantage of professional packers to get your business packed up and ready to ship. This includes everything from office supplies to electronics, and from desks and chairs to office equipment and installations.

Step 4: Moving Day

Professional movers will arrive at your location on the predetermined day and time to load the moving vans. Everything will get put on trucks in such a way that the unloading process is simple and organized. Once at the destination, the crew will unload the trucks and put everything in the right location, with set up to get you back in business.

As a business owner, you can’t afford to be in limbo for long during a move. Hiring the right moving company will ensure you’re back up and running as quickly as possible at your new location. Nilson Van and Storage has the experience and personnel to make your commercial move practically stress-free. Contact our team today for commercial moving services you can count on.

What All Does Commercial Moving Include

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Commercial moves are a whole different ballgame than a residential move.

Commercial moves are nothing like what you’ve experienced in a residential move or even a small office relocation. They require unique planning, logistical considerations, and relocation expertise. And they include more than just packing, moving, and unloading. Take a look at what most commercial moves include.

Needs Assessment

Small and large businesses need to have a commercial moving company come and assess their needs before planning a relocation. This step is crucial to ensure the moving company has a complete understanding of the scope of the move. Not only will this allow them to provide an accurate quote, but it will help them prepare for the right manpower, trucks, and storage, if necessary.

Transportation of Equipment and Sensitive Materials

There are equipment and materials considerations with a commercial relocation. Most businesses have an enormous amount of electronic equipment that requires careful handling, so it arrives at its destination intact and ready for use. Additionally, it’s important to move sensitive materials and documents without exposure or compromise. Protecting expensive equipment and sensitive information is one of the most important things your moving company should provide.

Coordination with Your Business Needs

Business moves are often complex and monumental tasks, but they can’t put you out of business. A good moving company will coordinate move logistics with your business needs. Getting you packed, shipped, and unloaded in the shortest timeframe so you can get back to work is the priority.

At Nilson Van and Storage, our team of skilled movers has the experience to make your relocation go smoothly with as little interruption to your daily business as possible. Contact our team of experts to get the best service and support for your commercial move.

3 Tips on How to Make Office Moves Successful

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Office relocation doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

Are you looking at an office relocation in your near future? The thought of it can send some people running for the hills. But an office move doesn’t have to be torture. With a few simple tips, it can run smoothly and be a success, from start to finish. Here are three of our favorites:

Tip #1: Assign a Move Leader

Most projects have project managers, and your move is no different. Assign a manager to oversee every step. They can facilitate choosing the moving company, organize logistics, and keep everyone and everything on track.

Tip #2: Make a Plan

Whether your facility is big or small, having a plan in place is the best strategy for a successful move. And starting early is essential. Before you even start packing, determine what needs doing and who will do what. Assign tasks and keep track of the status of everything on the to-do list. The move manager should be the primary point of contact for all of these things.

Tip #3: Hire a Reliable Moving Company

The biggest hurdle to overcome when moving your place of business from one location to another is a bad moving company. Hiring the right team is critical to a successful relocation. You need to get packed up, moved, and get back to business as usual as quickly as possible. At Nilson Van & Storage, we pride ourselves on being the best in the business of relocating companies.

For a free quote and to find out more about our reputation, experience, and what we can do to make your office relocation go off without a hitch, contact Nilson today.

How to Make Moving Long Distance Feel Like Moving Just Down the Block

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Your long-distance move may take you thousands of miles away, but a few tips can make it feel like you’re moving down the street.

Long distance move survivors can tell you that moving across the country can be a real challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Many of the elements that make these types of moves so difficult come from poor planning or lack of knowledge. Prepping yourself with as much info as possible can help make it seem like you’re moving a few blocks away instead of a few thousand miles away.

Pick a Month to Start Packing, and Then Start Sooner

Think about it - would you rather pack calmly as you binge watch your favorite show, or would you prefer to have panic attacks as you figure out how to move everything you love at the very last minute? People underestimate how much time they need for a typical local move, and that results in chaos. So imagine how bad it can get with a long-distance move. Start packing as early as possible, or at least start putting together detailed lists. You’ll be incredibly glad you did when things run smoothly.

Make It Easy on Yourself: Leave Some Stuff Behind

Moving to another part of the country is hard. You’re probably leaving family and friends behind, so it’s tempting to want to bring as many things that remind you of home as possible. Too many items, though, can increase your moving costs, and you could end up on the other side with things you don’t need. Pack what you love and leave what you don’t. You’ll lighten your load, and the process will seem a lot simpler.

Ready to make a move across the country look like a walk in the park? Reach out to the experts at Nilson Van & Storage so we can help you start planning your long-distance move today.

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