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Car Packing Tips to Make Your Move as Efficient as Possible


If you are planning a residential move, you likely will pack your car to the max. Even if you are using a moving truck, you may have items you want to put in your car to keep near to you on the trip.

Whether you are just moving to the other side of town or across the U.S., here are the car packing tips you need to make your move as safe and efficient as possible:

Tip #1: Have a Plan

The best plan for moving is always having a plan. If you wait until the last minute and just start throwing items and boxes into vehicles, you will have a genuine mess on your hands. Moving is hectic enough as it is, so make sure you have established a moving plan of action in advance that includes all of the vehicles you will use during the moving process as well as what will go where.

Tip #2: Identify and Protect the Fragile Items

While you may not have a china cabinet (or maybe you do!), certain more fragile items require extra packing materials and care. If you prefer to keep valuables with you in your car during the move, rather than in a separate moving truck or trailer, make a note of these items and plan to put them in the car last so they don’t get smashed or crushed by other heavier items.

Tip #3: Leave the Windows and Mirrors Clear

Being able to see out of your windows and into your side car mirrors and rear-view mirror is essential to safe driving. Even if you are just driving a short distance, it’s important to have a clear view of the road and other drivers on the road or those entering traffic. Plus, it’s illegal to obstruct your view of the road! Resist the urge to pack your car so full that you can’t see to drive safely and legally. If you have more than what you can fit in your car, consider renting a moving truck or hiring the moving pros to handle the move for you.

Whether you are looking for more tips for your residential move or want to make the entire process as easy as possible with professional movers, our team at Nilson Van is here to help. Connect with us online now to get the help you need.

Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe during a Long Distance Move


Are you planning on moving with pets? Here’s how to keep them safe and as happy as possible during the move.

One of the top stressors in a pet’s life is a move, but that doesn’t mean you can’t minimize the stress when moving with pets. Your pet is likely a significant part of your world, and the thought of causing it distress can make the process even more worrisome for you and your family.

Signs the move is bothering your pet may include:

  • Hiding
  • More barking than usual
  • Or even lashing out aggressively

It’s time to de-stress the moving process for you and your pet with these tips for your long distance move:

Tip #1: Familiarize the pet to the travel carrier in advance.

Most pets think they know what’s coming when the travel carrier appears. They likely correlate it with stressful vet appointments, which can make them feel fearful. Or, perhaps they’ve never experienced a carrier before and that uncertainty can be even worse. By letting them hop into the carrier with a few treats and toys inside, they can start to feel more comfortable and will associate the carrier with a positive memory instead.

Tip #2: Have a friend or family member help with the pet during the move.

A pet that has to sit in the carrier the entire time the movers are present is going to be very unhappy. Whether barking excessively or acting aggressive, the pet will likely act out in not-so-wonderful ways. Finding a pet sitter, friend or family member who can take the dog on a walk or break-up the time in some way will help to alleviate the pet’s stress—and will likely decrease your guilt too!

For more tips to manage moving with a pet as successfully as possible, connect with our pros at Nilson Van & Storage today. We are here to help you and your family (pets included!) every step of the way.

Organization Tips to Help Make Your Move as Efficient as Possible


Ready to rock your upcoming residential move? It’s all about the organization. These tips should help you make your move as efficient and pain-free as possible. 

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed or excited about your upcoming residential move, one thing is certain—ready or not, it’s coming. Time is of the essence, and the most important thing you can do to prepare is getting organized. Not having a moving plan in place will leave you feeling frustrated and you are more likely to forget important steps. 

 Never fear. These top two organizational tips will help you get your ducks (and boxes) in a row, so you can feel good about your move:

Tip #1: Start Packing Now

Procrastination is the mover’s worst enemy, and it’s a tricky beast. You may think you are putting off the pain by waiting until the last minute to pack, but it really just leaves the concern weighing on your mind and makes the process much more difficult later. 

Instead of waiting, start as soon as you can. Start packing up unnecessary items, such as:

  • Home decor and display items that you don't need in daily life
  • Out of season clothes and shoes
  • Items in storage and things you have stuffed in closets that you are not currently using

The earlier you can start packing, the less you will have to worry about in the final days of the move.

Tip #2: Purge, Purge, Purge

Now is the time to throw out the items you are no longer using. There’s no need to move items that have been sitting in a box since your last move. A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t used an item in two years, it’s time to give it away. Haul items away to a thrift store or charity that can use them. The less unnecessary stuff you have to load in boxes to move, the better. 

Need some help with organization before your residential move? Maybe it’s time to call on the moving experts at Nilson Van & Storage. We can help to make the entire moving process as hassle-free as possible for you. Connect with us online now for a moving quote.

Benefits of Renting a Storage Unit for Your Move


Why rent a storage unit for your move? Take a look at these benefits. 

When you are planning for your upcoming residential move, renting a storage unit can be an effective and affordable way to store your belongings between the time you leave your previous home and arrive at your new place. Perhaps you are experiencing complications like a new build that is off schedule or a delayed close date on your new home. Or maybe you have discovered you have too many items to fit in your new space. In situations such as these, renting a storage unit can provide you with the convenient solution you need. 

Let’s take a closer look at two major benefits of renting a storage unit for your move: 

1. Selling your house? Get rid of the clutter!

Being able to put unnecessary items from the home you are trying to sell into a storage unit is a good way to make your home look clutter-free. Any realtor will tell you, homes appearing neat and tidy are far more likely to sell and to sell at a higher price range. When you put your belongings in storage, you will still be able to access them easily when necessary. 

2. Moving into an apartment until your house is ready? Short term storage for the win! 

If you’ve sold your home, but your new place isn’t quite ready, you may need to live in a hotel or apartment for a while. The problem is these smaller spaces can’t even come close to holding all of your belongings. Rent a short term storage unit to hold your items until you need them. 

 Looking for a storage unit to make your upcoming residential move as smooth as possible? Our team at Nilson Van & Storage is here for you. Our storage facilities offer the perfect solution to meet your needs. Contact us now to learn more or to get a quote.

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