Storage in Transit

Not Ready to Move In? We've Got You Covered

storage in transit

Some employee relocations deal with very specific time restraints, placing great stress on those involved. You are given an exact time to be out of your home, another time that you must start work in your new location, and sometimes these times just don’t line up.

Even in the most thought-out relocations, disruptions can occur and interrupt your carefully made plans. This leaves you scrambling to make sense of the mess. Nilson Van & Storage offers storage in transit, which can save you a lot of hassle and worry.

Not ready for delivery?

It could be clear from the start that you will need storage at one point in your move or the need may surface in the middle of your move. Whatever the case, storage in transit can accommodate your needs.

Whenever storage is needed, we simply take your items that are already packaged securely and store them in our warehouse until you need them to be delivered. Then, we deliver your belongings exactly when and where you want us to. No problem or hassle at all.

How does it work?

With traditional storage options, there is a stationary unit into which you load your items and unload them when your items are needed. With storage in transit, your items have already been packed into a moving van for transport. We simply place the items into one of our secure warehouses for storage.

Because storage in transit is an additional service to regular delivery services, the cost of storage will be an additional charge. This service exists to help you through stressful times caused by disruptions in your schedule or any other reason that makes us otherwise unable to deliver on the originally specified date, through no fault of our own. Your items will be secure and safe, not left on the curb for you to deal with.